Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Amour Costume

I found a few photos on Pinterest a while back and I thought I would give this a try as I had never done something like this before (and I love giving myself a challenge on working out how to create something).  I did however want to make this out of like a cotton fabric mainly coz I couldn't get my hands on any metals and I was on a small budget so this was the way I went.
It was harder than I first thought to get started making this but once I got going, it seemed to come together and I am happy with it.  Once again like I always find when trying out new projects, there are things I would do different next time in the way of the pattern and some sewing techniques.
(I created this in May 2014)

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x The Girl Backstage

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Music Video 'Popular' Inspired Costume

So I came across the music video 'Popular' by Mika ft Ariana Grande and just felt inspired to make a costume from this. It had been a while since I had made something for my portfolio, this being due to that I didn't have a sewing machine with me since moving to Adelaide until I couldn't take it any longer and brought one.  (I now own 3 sewing machines and 2 overlockers all that are in working order).

I had never made a tutu (I know, shock horror) so thought this was a good excuse to incorporate one into this costume.  I kinda went for a strong, dark, futuristic high school uniform look.


High school bitch face on haha

Skirt, Top and Collar made by me
Stockings from Glassons
Shoes from Rubi shoes
Eyes: Sketch and Star Violet from MAC
Lippy: Dark Side from MAC 
Created in April 2014

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x The Girl Backstage

1630's Mens Doublet and Breeches

For my graduation piece I decided to make a mens 1630s costume.
I found a traditional pattern in an old costume history book in the uni library and I was fortunate enough to be allowed to use the production of CAD at my tutor's home studio to create it to the size I wanted.

This is one of my pieces I am most proud of.

Back view

Side view
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x The Girl Backstage

Minnie Mouse

I am known as 'Mouse' in one of best friends family so I thought it was time I should make a Minnie Mouse Costume and hey you can't be a costumer if you haven't made one of these before haha.

Circle skirt and bow tie I made 
Gloves sourced from my mum's wardrobe
Mouse ears from $2 shop
Stockings and heels from Glassons
Created in February 2012

Wish now I had put on some red lippy.

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x The Girl Backstage

1870s Woman's Day Dress

I was in between contract jobs so to keep myself busy and so I wasn't wasting time, I decided to give myself a challenge and make a full on 1870s costume from under garments to outer garments.

All I had was my skills I had gained at uni and my imagination to create this.  I research many images and from that I worked out how to make the pattern and then to sew it all together.
I am very proud of myself I what I achieved.  From drawing up the pattern to completing the details it took me 11 days.  (I have no idea if thats good timing or not but my family and friends seem to think it was :/ ).

Corset and chemise

Close up of corset and chemise

Bustle added

Petticoat added

Skirt and coat 

There are a few things I would do differently next time I make one of these and a few mistakes I have made but it was all trial and error.  Over all I am happy with the outcome.
Made in 2011.

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x The Girl Backstage