Saturday, 12 March 2016

Most worn items of summer '15/'16

I seemed to have been wearing a few particular clothing pieces over this summer and thought I would share with you which ones where in and out of the laundry the most...

I made a cookbook video of these too so please check it out.

Its been a very hot and sticky summer and it still seems to want to hang around even though it is the 2nd week of Autumn.

The one piece I did wear out was the Queen of Summer trend piece 'Denim Mini Button Down'
I ended up buying another one to get so I could wear next summer.  I just found that so much went with this as i could just add plan crop tees for a casual look and printed, chiffon tanks for a more dressed up look. 

Here are some photos from the video...

Thanks for reading :)

x The Girl Backstage 

Summer to Fall

Summer To Fall Outfits

So its officially Autumn and yet its still 30 degrees but this is how I will be transtioning between the seasons with some key trend pieces when it does decide to change over...

I made a lookbook video for these pieces so please check it out too

 Trend Piece: the corduroy button down mini.

Trend piece: bomber jacket

Trend piece: trench coat

Trend piece: Check shirt

Trend piece: Poncho

Trend piece: Leather Jacket and rip knee jeans

Trend piece: Knit skirt

Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading :)

- The Girl Backstage

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Easy DIY Chain Armour

As you maybe able to tell, i have a love for fantasy looks and I love if i can incorporate that element in my everyday style.
I am a warrior at heart as I am always pushing myself and keeping strong through the tough times I encounter.
I love adding accessories to a basic outfits too,  just to add some detail or point of difference and personality.

This is a easy DIY to add to any outfit.

All you need is an old necklace, jewellery pilers and some extra chain.
I found a couple of necklaces in the sale section of my favourite costume jewellery store.

I cut some extra chain and attach it to the top middle of the necklace and that it was a good size to thread through the tab on my jacket so it would hold up on the shoulder. 

I then took off the excess chain that would go around your neck to fit around my arm.

And this is how it turned out, super easy!

I was lucky that my jacket had a shoulder tab that i could attach some chain around to hold it up.  if you don't have a tab like this on your jacket you could make the chain longer and attach at the neckline under the collar. You can add some extra beading to it also and extra chains too and attach to any jacket you have or top.  You can get quite creative with this look.

I tried this with another necklace too but didn't quite sit how I would have liked so I'm still working on that but this is how it is at the moment.

 Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading :)

x the girl backstage

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Evil Queen


Evil Queen Coat

Due to my obsession with Once Upon A Time, I decided to make something inspired by one of my favourite characters on the show; The Evil Queen.

This was another project of trial and error so a couple of things didn't work out as I imagined but overall i'm happy with the outcome.  I did realised what I did wrong and how I should have done certain things but it was too late and I didn't have the extra money to start over but was able to make do and you can't notice so nobody would know haha.

And just for fun...

Thanks for reading :)

x The Girl Backstage

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Leibster Award - For a Newbie

Leibster Awards

How it works...

  1) Make sure you mention the lovely person that nominated you 
2) List 10 facts about yourself if you so wish 
3) Answer the questions that you were bestowed by that lovely person who nominated you
4) Nominate some lovely bloggers for the award
5) Create 10 questions for those love bloggers mentioned above
6) Make sure that you let those lovely nominees know about it so that they can tag along if they want to! No pressure at all to get involved, but you are definitely worth a mention for one reason or another.  :)

I was nominated by my best friend of 13 years at Button Up Cakes who is totally into her cake decorating and she is so amazing at it.

10 Facts about ME!

1) Im an artist
2) When I finally settle down in my own home I will own a pig
3) I have never broken a bone
4) I have lived in 3 time zones 
5) I love being creative, it what keeps me happy
6) I love going on road trips either with my besties or on my own and sing really loud along to the music
7) My favourite actress is Rachel Bilson and favourite actor is Jared Padalecki
8) I collect sunglasses 
9) I maybe tiny but I'm really strong
10) Because very few can pronounce my name (even my middle name people get wrong) so when my name is asked for a food order etc I use the name Jay.

Amy's Questions

1.Sunshine or Rain? Why?
Sunshine as I love how the warmth feels on my skin
2.Who is your favourite Disney "Prince" Why?
Flynn Ryder from Tangled coz he is totally funny, down to earth and bit of a bad ass
3.PC or Mac
4. Favourite cake flavour?
Mud with raspberries
5. Do you really like Vegetable? I mean really? Come on?
oh yea I do, I even crave them sometimes
6. If you could meet anyone who would you meet and why? (Living or gone)
My Pop (my mum's dad).  He died before I was born and I always hear great stories of him
7.If your life was a TV show which would it be?
Project Runway; coz I'm always making something
8.Whats brings you peace? Chills you out?
Listening to music or watching my favourite tv show
9.Which Spice girl were you? You know you were one.
I was always Sporty Spice
10. Favourite 90s Song?
don't know why but the Barbie song from Aqua come to my mind first haha, but Learn to Fly buy the Foo Fighters and Time of Your Life by Green Day

My Questions 

1) What are you wearing right now?
2) What is your luxury item?
3) Most expensive thing you have brought?
4) What is something that your parents taught you that you will carry on with your children?
5) First pet?
6) What is your next travel destination?
7) Favourite story/movie character ever and why?
8) While in primary school/elementary school, what did you want to be?
9) What is your most wanted item?
10) What is the last book you read?


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