Sunday, 24 May 2015

Linear Dance Video

Heres another dance I worked on...
This one was based around order, staying in line, appliance to rules.
Once again the dancers where the directors of how they wanted to have this portrayed and we all worked together on making their vision/idea come across to the audience.

The photo stills I had taken throughout filming didn't come out very well (the camera i had at the time  didn't work well in darkness and the images came out blurry).

Thanks for watching.

x The Girl Backstage :)

NowHere/NoWhere Dance Video

I was lucky enough to be chosen to work as the costume designer for a couple of dance videos at uni. This wasn't part of my course requirements where I would be assessed so it was something I did outside of uni hours.  I was so happy to have the chance to work on a project which would offer me new challenges.  The principal of the work is the same with any project with from designing to production meetings etc but this was a new format (i know there is a word for this but my mind has gone blank on this).

I collaborated with the dances (this was their project that they were being assessed on) with the look and feel of the costumes that they wanted to portray with there dance piece.  We then had production meetings with other HOD's and discussed how each of our departments can come together to make the dancers vision of the project come to life.  

Here is how the video came out...

Here are some stills...

Thanks for reading and watching.

x The Girl Backstage :)