Saturday, 28 March 2015

Obsession Right Now: Once Upon a Time

My best friend told me about this show that was coming to TV and she told me I would love it... I watched one episode (may have been the 4th or 5th one but I remember it being the Hansel and Gretal one).  I didn't like it but i think that was coz I was quite confused with the story line etc.  Anyway come 2015 and I borrow the series on dvd from a friend at work coz I though it was about time to give it another shot and so I did and I was completely hooked.  I loved the story line and thought the writers of the show were incredible with how they merge all these beloved fairy tale characters together to make one awesome show.  I love film/TV genres that are fantasy, romance and sic-fi and then have that with awesome costumes then I'm onto a winner.  I have now finished watching season 3 and can't wait to get my hands on season 4 when its released on dvd.  The waiting is killing me tho.  I have been drawing up new costume ideas inspired by some of these characters to create for my portfolio as making fantasy and period costumes are my favourite.  I have also played around on my old polyvore account with a few looks too which I wanted to post here.
I love Emma Swan and Killian Jones together and love their quick wit lines they share as that is the humour I have also and only some people get that and when people do, its like they see this other side of me.  Ive been told I got that from my granddad.  I love the relationship between Regina and Robin too,  I just get this cute smile on my face when their scenes are on, its like I'm just so happy that Regina is finding love as her battle between good and bad is really hard for her and I can see her struggle with it so she really deserves to find true happiness and love.  Tinkerbell is great too, I love everything about her as I feel like I see a part of myself in her too.  Its also great that the actress who plays her is from New Zealand so I can hear her kiwi accent and it makes me so happy to be a kiwi and also homesick at the same time as I don't live in New Zealand anymore, well at least for now.

Anyway I hope you like the images below...

Thanks for reading :)
x The Girl Backstage

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