Saturday, 24 October 2015

Easy DIY Chain Armour

As you maybe able to tell, i have a love for fantasy looks and I love if i can incorporate that element in my everyday style.
I am a warrior at heart as I am always pushing myself and keeping strong through the tough times I encounter.
I love adding accessories to a basic outfits too,  just to add some detail or point of difference and personality.

This is a easy DIY to add to any outfit.

All you need is an old necklace, jewellery pilers and some extra chain.
I found a couple of necklaces in the sale section of my favourite costume jewellery store.

I cut some extra chain and attach it to the top middle of the necklace and that it was a good size to thread through the tab on my jacket so it would hold up on the shoulder. 

I then took off the excess chain that would go around your neck to fit around my arm.

And this is how it turned out, super easy!

I was lucky that my jacket had a shoulder tab that i could attach some chain around to hold it up.  if you don't have a tab like this on your jacket you could make the chain longer and attach at the neckline under the collar. You can add some extra beading to it also and extra chains too and attach to any jacket you have or top.  You can get quite creative with this look.

I tried this with another necklace too but didn't quite sit how I would have liked so I'm still working on that but this is how it is at the moment.

 Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading :)

x the girl backstage

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